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Industrial IoT
Retail Intelligence
Hospital 4.0
「We converted the paper-based raw data into the effective information for the data analysis. We digitize the master works’ experiences and assist the traditional factories in digital transformation to realize the optimization of corporate resources.」
"Through smart sensors and A.I. algorithm, we collect users’ data to streamline processes of production and experience. Along with smart inventory and smart manpower dispatching, we empower you to take the helm of the new retail business model."
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PIMQ understands that traditional factories and manufacturers want to modernize but their attempts are often stymied by obstacles. Along with the perennial problems of retaining experienced craftsmen and difficulty in recruiting skilled workers, they are faced with overwhelming number of systems in the market, lack of technology staff, difficulties in digitizing the enormous number of written records into a usable format, and inability to effectively extract strategic information from data.
Subsequent to embedding PIMQ RFID, QR Code, triangulation and Zigbee-integrated IoT in retail stores, we are capable of forecasting and recommending the consumption trend by analyzing the behavior and propensity of consumers with AI. The technology can, thus, enable clients to coordinate on-the-shelf products and retail pricing tactics on a quest for proactively pull demand for consumption.

Our Sales 4.0+ integrates marketing of all channels; you can provide particular customers with tailor-made advertising contents at on- and off-line stores. What’s more, you can send best fit advertising messages to targeted customers with the use of smart recommendation system.

"We break industrial processes into modules to realize smart management. You can choose to buy the very parts you need or implement smart diagnosis, smart daily reporting, smart maintenance and smart positioning over phases."
Despite the growing pressures from the marketplace to modernize, many decision makers hold on to conservative views and remain skeptical of proposals from technology companies.

PIMQ’s industry 4.0+ solution disrupts the conventional industrial system by modularizing structure and gamifying interface to enable accessibility. To accommodate your strategic needs and corporate properties, we offer a wide array of function modules, which allow staff and managers of all levels to perform operations and management via smartphones or computers.
Needless to pour a considerable amount of investment in one time, PIMQ recommends every company integrating Industry 4.0+ by stages in accordance with own business need and human resources. During implementation, we also offer professional consultative services so as to ensure that the infrastructure building, setting of sensors, cloud digitalization and A.I. analysis of your factory can be utterly configured and adopted. To allow clients to manage factory with robustness and understand the best optimization direction of operations, our services transform know-hows of factory into data and provide multi-dimensional analysis, system monitoring and A.I. recommendation.
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"As long as you have the manpower, equipment and production lines, PI-Athena can help you integrate existing production and execution system with easy-to-understand App interfaces. Every staff will be able to operate without burden and hence, your company is upgraded with ease."
PI-Athena is an app that realizes “smart manufacturing”, which can record all actions and events within working areas, parameters of equipment and devices, conditional changes of production management and data of productivity conversion. Furthermore, PI-Athena algorithmically maps out advice concerning assignment of machines and human capital on a quest for maximizing values by embedded PIMQ patented A.I. recommendation system.
Brand brain
Implementing “5M1E Analysis” into factories and stores to activate your personal corporate A.I.
Flexible planing
Timely responding to the market by modifying tactics of production lines, volume setting, submission date and operating parameters anytime, anywhere.
Smart leadership
Timely responding to the market by modifying tactics of production lines, volume setting, submission date and operating parameters anytime, anywhere.
"Choosing PI-Athena, which incorporates our expertise in IoT and A.I., can help your company digitally be upgraded and grow with this rapidly changing era."
3 major consulting services of PIMQ pave the power of technology for transforming your company to the one that pragmatically enters the digital era step-by-step.
Recommendation (Deep Learning)
AI Recommendation
Machine To Machine
We uniquely invented torch algorithm (virtual positioning) and firefly-supported positioning. With the experiences in processing wireless signals within multiple areas of complex environments, we have overcome these hurdles: hi-/low-frequency of machines, intervention in electrical control room, to offer managers real-time accurate tool and interface of on-site management. As a result, remote controls over workers, machines, materials, locations and status of handling machineries within working areas are enabled. Vastly reducing the time costs of routing management, our technology supports various applications of monitoring and safety alert, along with an A.I. app made by PIMQ.

Upon request, we can send specialists on site to measure and assess the assignment of transmitters and receivers. Speedy implementation and installation and completion of preparation for industrial digitalization are ensured.
We evaluate your company’s current situation of human resources system and production tools to create your own corporate smart brain, which works out the business model for optimizing overall corporate profitability and considerably reduce the overhead costs incurred from excessive company info.

Not only can we help you accomplish digitalizing written data to analyze every feasibly electronified behavior within working area, but also design personalized data collecting carrier and data structure, let alone construct corporate private cloud. Your personal corporate smart brain must be operating within your local server in an absolutely confidential way, connecting the data in the private cloud and then sending results and optimization suggestion after computing.
There are usually dissimilarities of communication protocol of PLC and OPC among the industrial machines of various brands purchased by companies. In addition, the lack of HMI software induces inability of exporting data with ease but hinges on the conventional way of operating machines by master craftsmen who carry out production and maintenance with their experiences. To employers and managers, this is full of uncertainties but short of precise judgements.

With professional M2M communication technology, multiple PLC languages and protocol analysis software, PIMQ is capable of exporting internal parameters from costly machines. Subsequently, we process the data into precise and crucial information for you in hopes of converting the metrics into powerful weapon of corporate development.
Big Platform
"Having researched the market for numerous years, we sophisticatedly understand the pros and cons and prices of each 4.0 solutions in the market. What’s more, we have summarized the information and hereby hope to flag up the summary."
Proceeding of Internet of Things at any corporate costs tremendous amount of hard work and uncertainty. Having been introduced to and specializing in the domain, PIMQ partners with a range of suppliers of IoT peripheral devices, including display devices, sensors, signaling, industrial equipment, mobile app and the like; we summarize the pros and cons of each supplier.

Regardless of whether your corporation is in pursuit of innovative technology, cost-performance ratio or stability, we assess your operating status and growth stage before picking the best fit devices for you. In addition, we offer detailed analysis report to empower you to come up with the right data-driven decisions.

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