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"Our mission is to assist every single client in re-engineering bottleneck of operation to be the new benchmark with the aid of the technology in this digital era."
PIMQ has been dedicated to developing people-first Internet of Things technology. We do not substitute any person but, instead, beef up the capabilities of staff of all levels to create the best values for company.
What we've solved
We have solved the dilemma of integration of the varied protocols and mechanisms of communication and control by numerous branded devices.
We have untangled operators from spending lengthy time on running around for inspection and, therefore, ramped up the production effectiveness and adaptability.
What we've done
Our clients are able to access real-time information related to production without limitations of geography and time for the sake of smart product, smart processing and smart manufacturing.
We help you gamify processes to enable users of all ages to operate with ease and supply monotonous work with fun elements.
PIMQ specializes in corporate advisory. The 4.0+ smart management system and various modes, along with existing human resources, ERP, MES and so on, effectively power overall efficiency in a short period of time.

We are PIMQ, who brings A.I. from the cloud to every DNA of your company.




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AIoT Expert


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